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We help you reduce your workload and stressful decision making by organizing workshops, business presentations and other events, so your brand or destination are visible

Meanwhile, you make the most of your time attending your business

PERFECT TRAVEL SERVICES will carry out the following services for you

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Our clients recommend us

Martí Sarrate Laplana

CEO Juliá Tours

“Santi provides excellent service to his clientele . We’ve always had a splendid professional relationship, working together at projects and companies, therefore I can assure that he involves himself with his work 100% every day. 

It is always a guarantee of success to count on employees like him and his team, eager to serve in a resolutive manner at any time. I also would like to mention his proficient work during the time he managed the Teldar team over his expansion period of JULIÁ GROUP.

He proved to become a decisive partner, helping us out at all times to resolve any issues that might come up. 

In this field, it is imperative to show total availability and professionalism. Santiago and his team are always aware of it. They are true professionals in providing constant services”. 

Jaume Estrada

BMC Travel - Manager 

“I've met Santi in several work contexts. We have always had an exquisite professional relationship while working at different companies, so I can assure that he is someone who is involved to the maximum in his everyday work, continuously providing excellent service to his clients.  

It is always a relief to count on partners like him and his team, eager to assist you in a decisive way”. 

Marcel Forns

GEBTA Group - General Manager

“I have been collaborating with Santi for years. During his time working at different companies he has always demonstrated a proactive and professional approach. I would highlight his constructive spirit, his client care and great involvement in all the projects he has led. 

I have met Santi in various facets of his work life. We have had a professional relationship over various business stages, so I can confirm that he is someone who is fully involved, always providing excellent service to his clients. 

It is always a guarantee to have partners like Santi and his team, ready to assist you in an effective way”.

Santos García


I have known Santiago for more than 15 years. During that time, we have always had an excellent professional relationship.

In all the projects in which he has participated, we have felt very comfortable with his efficiency, his empathy and his professionalism. He has known how to rise to the occasion at all times, with great commitment.

Jon Arriaga


“I have known Santiago Prims for a few years now. I can truly say that he is a stand-up professional.

I´ve had the pleasure of collaborating with him working for two different companies, where he always proved to be fast thinking and highly efficient, willing to stand by his ideas and principles, but also ready to compromise in order to create a flexible work environment, which has helped us greatly in solving any problems that raised along the way.

He always presented us with the best plans of actions in the workplace, finding alternative routes whenever needed.  

Due to the time shared working together, I am glad to call him a friend as well as a colleague. 

In a decisive period of our company's growth, he became irreplaceable since, no matter the time or day, he was always there to help us overcome any issue. 

Ignacio Poladura de Armas

INSULAR TRAVEL -  General Manager 

“It is a pleasure for me to recommend Santiago Prims, who has proven to be a great professional, approachable, reliable and with a great market knowledge. 

Thanks to that, and the backup of a great team, he achieved that companies like Bedsonline or Telda Travel have become a household name both nationally and overseas, sincerely.”

Renato Peña


“I would like to stress the excellent work of Santiago Prims during the time he managed the Teldar team in Spain. He proved to be a magnificent ally at a decisive time, while undergoing a stage of “Consultia Business Travel” expansion. 

He helped us tremendously along the way, solving any problems regardless of the time or day. 

In this line of business, it is essential to behave as a professional everyday, Santiago and his team were a fine example of that. 

Lastly, I'd like to emphasize the work of the Levante area delegate person, Pepe Badia, with whom I collaborated closely on a daily basis. He was so approachable that in fact, I consider him a friend nowadays, same as Santi”.  



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