We believe that is the people what makes our team stand out


We are the sales force you need if you want to deal with an understanding, professional and well-established team with over 20 year experience within the field

    • Our job is to market your service or destination in Spain and Portugal’s main travel agencies
    • Our goal is to increase your sales and reduce your costs while working alongside a professional consolidated tourism sales team.

Meet me and my travel crew

Hi there, My name is Santiago Prims Calleja, and I like working “under passion”. Throughout my career, I´ve been part of large companies related to the field. I’ve been General Manager at Teldar Travel(Spain and Portugal), Market Developer at Bedsonline (Spain and Portugal), Sales Manager at Tierra Joven- Mapa Tours (Aragón, Cataluña and Levante). I´ve spent my whole adult life working within the tourism field, and to quote Michael Palín,

“Once you get the tourism bug, there is no possible treatment”… I know I’ll definitely be “infected” forever

If you are here, you also belong to this industry, got trapped by it, so you know exactly what I mean.

You might have thought about quitting at times, I hear you, but here you are, searching for solutions yet again in order to stay put, doing what really makes you happy.


We come alive by my determination to thrive and share my enthusiasm of working in a field I´ve always loved, surrounded by my faithful sales team that has remained by my side since 2004

“We are a commercial outsourcing specialized in visiting travel agencies”

We have more than 20 years experience marketing tourist services/products, always excelling in our goals collaborating with numerous tourism businesses that trusted us with their services.

We’ve built a strong and well-established sales team in the long run.



Founder y National Sales Manager

“There’s only one way to success: being in charge of your own life”

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Andalucía – Extremadura and Canarias coverage.  The world changes every 10 minutes, that’s why I’ve always felt that there’s nothing more beautiful and fulfilling than traveling.  I’ve spent the last 25 years working within the tourism field. I’ve been a strong team member in several well known companies, such as Bedsonline and Teldar Travel.  The recent world’s pandemic is responsible for seeing my dream come true, since I’ve founded Perfect Travel Services, along with Santiago Prims.  I can proudly assure that we provide the best solution for services distribution and destinations for travel agencies. Best decision ever! Since it has allowed me to remain working in the field I love.  Also, being surrounded by the best experts in the field it’s a huge daily motivation, since we’ve met often along the way.  If your business requires commitment, dedication and brand consolidation in travel agencies, look no further. Perfect Travel Services is the commercial team that you’re looking for.  There’s more to it than passion, the right strategies need to be adapted to your business, carrying them away with strong field knowledge, and that’s only down to experience.



Sales Manager

“Life is but a journey, and that who travels lives twice”

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Galicia – Cantabria – País Vasco and Asturias coverage.  Our travel destination is hardly a place but a new way of looking at things. It’s an exciting way of getting in touch with new cultures, philosophies, gastronomy… That’s why traveling has always been my hobby, it recharges my batteries so I go back to my everyday life feeling refreshed. I’ve been enjoying this business field for 20 years, being part of great commercial teams such as Europlayas, NH Hoteles, etc…  Why did I choose Perfect Travel Services to continue my professional trajectory? Because I’m part of a highly qualified team, which knows perfectly the business areas that need covering, exceling our clients needs and objectives.  Perfect Travel Services guarantees professionalism and know-how.



Sales Manager

May life always find me traveling and happy

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Coverage: Cataluña, Aragon and the Balearic Islands

17 years ago I arrived in this exciting sector, I started as we started many who are passionate about traveling, and finally I turned my hobby into my profession.

I have been part of different companies such as Mundo Joven and Euroeste, occupying different positions. Having been a travel agent makes me understand perfectly the moments that our colleagues go through at the counter and know their needs when making my visits.

Customers do not expect us to be perfect, they expect us to provide solutions when they have a problem, this is how the trust that our commercial team can boast of today is generated.

In Perfect Travel Services, we make your tourist company or destination visible, we help you position your project, your dream, in travel agencies throughout Spain.

If you want to invest in professionalism, Perfect Travel Services is a bet of guaranteed success.



Sales Manager

I want to travel so much that not even traveling I miss

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Coverage Madrid, Castilla la Mancha and Castilla León

For me the only rule of a trip is that you can not return as you left, you have to come back different.

35 years ago I began my journey in this sector, there is nothing… I have evolved, learned, laughed and cried, but I still feel the same enthusiasm as the first day, that has not changed.

Being part of the commercial teams of Catai and Ambassador Tours, among other relevant wholesalers, have made me the professional I am, always available to travel agencies, to explain the products we represent and resolve any incident that may arise.

Today I can boast of working at Perfect Travel Services, a consolidated, dedicated and united commercial team. Together we form the sales force that your tourism company needs to position itself in the place it deserves.

While you do not decide to have a team that distributes your product among travel agencies, your competition is climbing positions.

Do not let more time pass, now is the ideal time, count on Perfect Travel Services.



Sales Manager

Traveling is adding life to life

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Coverage of the northern area: Madrid, Castilla León and Castilla La Mancha.

More than 30 years ago I got on this tourism plane, I started representing such recognized brands as Soltour. Since then I have made a stopover in different companies in the sector to which I owe my professional growth and largely the staff.

Most people think that “selling” is the same as “talking”, but commercials know that “listening” is the most important part of our job and if it comes to marketing illusions, emotions and experiences in the form of travel is fundamental.

With Perfect Travel Services I continue to do what I am most passionate about every day, making your tourism company or destination known to travel agents. That after so many years many of them are my best friends.

If you are thinking of increasing your sales and positioning your brand among travel agencies throughout Spain, there is no better way than through a consolidated commercial team in the sector, Perfect Travel Services is a safe bet



Sales Manager

Not giving up, life is really just about that. Carry on moving, pursue your dreams, get time on your side, clean the path and unfold the sky”

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Valencia – Alicante – Murcia – Levante – Albacete – Ciudad Real – Cuenca coverage I’ve been working in this thrilling field for over 20 years. ¿Why choose the Tourism field? I believe that one of the main advantages is the great range of opportunities that it has to offer. As for me, I’ve held different positions in several hotels, and I’ve been part of the Marina D’or commercial team for the last eight years. Also, there’s a huge learning curve to this field, so there’s always a chance to recycle yourself. Although the key aspect to make a living out of the Tourism field is loving it to pieces, as It can be trying at times and shifts can be really long. Seeing those satisfied clients makes me immensely fulfilled and happy. It’s worth all of the hard work. Being part of Perfect Travel Services sales team makes me very content and proud. Having the best business’ colleagues is something I often like showing off, since they are one of a kind. With Santiago Prims leading the way, we feel we are part of a true pioneering project  within our country, which is more on demand every day. Perfect Travel Services is the sales force that will ensure great success for your business. If you wish to have the best, then simply hire the best.



Sales Manager

“Do not travel to escape from life, travel so that life does not escape you

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Coverage of the northern area: Basque Country, Cantabria, Navarra and La Rioja

Who doesn’t love to travel? I confused leisure with business and for more than 30 years I have enjoyed my work. I started at Soltour and from there I have been consolidating my professional career in this sector as changing as interesting.

They have been visiting travel agencies in my area for so many years, that apart from clients they are friends. I am excited to introduce them to products with which they expand the offer in their agencies, thus increasing their lines of business.

Perfect Travel Services is a guarantee of success, our experience will place your tourism company in a showcase, we inform, advise and accompany travel agents in the sales process, positioning your brand in the place it deserves.

If you’re looking for a sales team that goes where others can’t, choose Perfect Travel services.



Sales Manager

“Don’t try to be the best on your team, try to make your team the best

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Coverage in Eastern Andalusia – Malaga – Granada – Jaen and Almeria

I consider myself totally passionate about my work, I have been selling illusions in the form of travel for 30 years. I started as an agent which has made me empathize perfectly with the situations that arise at the counter to our customers.

In these years I have been part of companies as recognized as Frantour (Ev Emprender) or Holiday Club, many memories and many friends from whom I have learned and grown professionally.

In Perfect Travel Services the important thing is the people, not the positions that each one of us occupy, we all go to one and therein lies our success as a team. In addition to the extensive careers in the sector that characterize us, that is undoubtedly our best business card.

“We are a commercial outsourcing specialized in visiting travel agencies”

3 things we love to do for you:

Analyzing your business, placing it a step ahead, thus excelling your goals. Making your business stand out from your competition. Being understanding and emphatic both with you and your customers, which not every sales team is capable or willing to do.





We are enthusiastic about meeting your goals


We are frank about establishing realistic expectations/ goals as well as communicating possible issues, conflicts and results


We maintain the highest standards, with a professional profile and line of action that match those of your brand


We take the lead, advising you on the best commercial strategies to suit your business


This is key to our success


We are specialists in the field, only need your business’ brief to offer you our best work


We are specialists in the field, only need your business’ brief to offer you our best work


We have an approachable manner about us we know the way your client feels and act accordingly


The tourism market often changes, we anticipate thinking ahead, always ready for action taking


“We thrive to become the best in the business, not the largest”

  • We are commercial representative experts for travel agencies. Our market knowledge makes us aware of your customers’ needs.


  • We invest time in building rapport with your client, going the extra mile for them. We are sales team and advisers.


  • We’ve been coworking for over 20 years, im for the same goals and have built excellent organisation skills. We work together so so you can achieve your objectives.


We have an expertise on tourism businesses and commercial efficiency is our great strength.

Our clients recommend us

Martí Sarrate Laplana

CEO Juliá Tours

“Santi provides excellent service to his clientele . We’ve always had a splendid professional relationship, working together at projects and companies, therefore I can assure that he involves himself with his work 100% every day. It is always a guarantee of success to count on employees like him and his team, eager to serve in a resolutive manner at any time. I also would like to mention his proficient work during the time he managed the Teldar team over his expansion period of JULIÁ GROUP. He proved to become a decisive partner, helping us out at all times to resolve any issues that might come up. In this field, it is imperative to show total availability and professionalism. Santiago and his team are always aware of it. They are true professionals in providing constant services”.


Jaume Estrada

BMC Travel – Manager “I’ve met Santi in several work contexts. We have always had an exquisite professional relationship while working at different companies, so I can assure that he is someone who is involved to the maximum in his everyday work, continuously providing excellent service to his clients. It is always a relief to count on partners like him and his team, eager to assist you in a decisive way”.


Marcel Forns

GEBTA Group – General Manager “I have been collaborating with Santi for years. During his time working at different companies he has always demonstrated a proactive and professional approach. I would highlight his constructive spirit, his client care and great involvement in all the projects he has led. I have met Santi in various facets of his work life. We have had a professional relationship over various business stages, so I can confirm that he is someone who is fully involved, always providing excellent service to his clients. It is always a guarantee to have partners like Santi and his team, ready to assist you in an effective way”.

Santos García

NEGO SERVICIOS – Manager I have known Santiago for more than 15 years. During that time, we have always had an excellent professional relationship. In all the projects in which he has participated, we have felt very comfortable with his efficiency, his empathy and his professionalism. He has known how to rise to the occasion at all times, with great commitment.

Jon Arriaga

DITGESTION – Manager “I have known Santiago Prims for a few years now. I can truly say that he is a stand-up professional. I´ve had the pleasure of collaborating with him working for two different companies, where he always proved to be fast thinking and highly efficient, willing to stand by his ideas and principles, but also ready to compromise in order to create a flexible work environment, which has helped us greatly in solving any problems that raised along the way. He always presented us with the best plans of actions in the workplace, finding alternative routes whenever needed. Due to the time shared working together, I am glad to call him a friend as well as a colleague. In a decisive period of our company’s growth, he became irreplaceable since, no matter the time or day, he was always there to help us overcome any issue.


Ignacio Poladura de Armas

INSULAR TRAVEL –  General Manager  “It is a pleasure for me to recommend Santiago Prims, who has proven to be a great professional, approachable, reliable and with a great market knowledge. Thanks to that, and the backup of a great team, he achieved that companies like Bedsonline or Telda Travel have become a household name both nationally and overseas, sincerely.”

Renato Peña

CONSULTIA BUSINESS TRAVEL – Manager “I would like to stress the excellent work of Santiago Prims during the time he managed the Teldar team in Spain. He proved to be a magnificent ally at a decisive time, while undergoing a stage of “Consultia Business Travel” expansion. He helped us tremendously along the way, solving any problems regardless of the time or day. In this line of business, it is essential to behave as a professional everyday, Santiago and his team were a fine example of that. Lastly, I’d like to emphasize the work of the Levante area delegate person, Pepe Badia, with whom I collaborated closely on a daily basis. He was so approachable that in fact, I consider him a friend nowadays, same as Santi”.

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