Club Dimensions is a long-distance Tour Operator backed by a team of professionals with experience in the published destinations. Always at the forefront of organized trips, we have been providing news in destinations in Asia, America and Africa for decades.

We are well aware that we work with the illusions of great travelers, a very delicate “material” that will be treated and cared for as such.

Traveling is an art that requires creativity, knowledge and enthusiasm. We have all these resources and many more to make every trip a masterpiece.


  • Careful quality in our trips with a wide and flexible schedule.
  • Constant updating of the services programmed in each destination, offering a careful quality service at a very competitive price.
  • Selected correspondents who guarantee an impeccable service at destination.
  • Rigorous hotel selection to guarantee the quality of the establishments offered.
  • Proposal of the best air transport options, prioritizing comfort at the most competitive price in each destination.
  • Detailed and precise information for the choice of the dream trip, with an easy, immediate and personalized response.
  • And most importantly; Our team of professionals makes the difference by putting all their knowledge so that the trip offered meets the expectations of the traveler.


Our “Club” outings, exclusive travel proposals for Club Dimensions clients in the destinations of Thailand, Indonesia (Bali), Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Tanzania. Travel proposals with added values and differentiated services, small groups.


Our travel experience has given us a broad and open vision of the world. As a company dedicated to tourism we are fully aware of the importance of this industry for many countries, so we do everything in our power to involve our suppliers in preserving the future in a sustainable way. We are convinced that values such as quality and professionalism can be combined with healthy management of resources, respect for indigenous ways of life and cultures. We choose suppliers that respect resources and nature, prioritizing local development, human rights, environmental awareness, moderation in the use of fossil fuels and digitalization. Dimensions Club collaborates with the Green & Human Sustainability Club.