Who are we?

POLITOURS 360, is a “renovating” project of the historic and dean brand Politours.

Continuist and Renovator

Continuist, assuming the responsibility of maintaining the values of “Quality and Service” that have always characterized this brand during its 48 years of experience; and Renovator applying new management concepts, based on 3 pillars, Sustainability, Digitalization and Social Commitment.


Applied directly in the drastic reduction of the use of paper, incorporating technological tools for it. Digital, in the use of the most advanced computer programs and systems that allow all the departments of the group, reservations, administration and commercial to have the necessary supports to simplify and improve the day-to-day work processes, and transfer to our customers, travel agents, the appropriate platform so that they can easily and independently manage their quotes and reservations with us.

Social commitment

And, the most important, our social commitment, non-negotiable, with those groups and institutions in the protection of vulnerable groups.


As for our programming, we will continue working in all the destinations in which we were always specialists and whose reputation made Politours a reference wholesaler.

  • River Cruises
  • Special charter operations from different peninsular airports
  • Circuits in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

POLITOURS 360 returns with more strength and illusion, knowing that “a traveler is more than a tourist”, and in our case we will continue to be a reference of an elaborate and attractive program where culture and entertainment go hand in hand.