What is Halltels?

It is a unique tourism marketplace that connects travel agencies with hotels directly for marketing.

In other words, it is a new digital platform that represents for hotels a new distribution channel, to connect directly with their points of sale.

Its main objective is that there is direct communication between agencies and hotels, facilitating it to be immediate, transparent, easy and profitable. The new technological platform offers a personalized treatment that allows to achieve maximum individual visibility.

Halltels seeks to end intermediation in distribution, returning price control and marketing strategy to hotels and helping agencies to have access to all the product they need for their customers directly.

Halltels technology is designed and fully optimized for the management of traffic and demand that characterizes our sector. All the processes that have been integrated are those that the hotel should perform directly with the agency, simplifying the processes as much as possible, so that both the agency and the hotel can focus on what really matters, serve their customers and sell.

What is not Halltels?

It is not a reservation center, thus putting an end to the intermediation between hotels and travel agencies. Making possible a direct communication, with total transparency, agility in reservations and the greatest profitability, offering a wide variety of hotels.

Main functionalities. Comfortable and easy.

Halltels has:

  • A charging engine and configuration of rates, inventory, supplements, discounts, offers and quotas.
  • An engine of payment rules to define how each agency has to pay for its reservations, in how many payments, means of payment, etc.
  • A module for the configuration and management of the wallets that may have (there is no limit) either fiat currencies (eur, usd, etc.) or crypto (in principle you can create btc and eth wallets).
  • Reports of sales, occupations, payments / collections to be made and all the operations that are carried out in the marketplace.
  • Module to generate your own commissions and bid management.
  • Integration in the Analytics module, having access to your products, reservations, payments, collections… This makes it easier for you to direct and optimize sales whether you are a hotel or an agency.
  • Possibility of access to more advanced data analysis functionalities, custom developments and trends in customer behavior.

Why check into Halltels if you are a hotel.

  • You regain full visibility and control of your distribution, in a 100% transparent environment in which you publish the product according to your own configuration, rates and payment plans of your choice.
  • Greater security, since you have access to points of sale, allowing you to define how and when you charge your customers.
  • It allows you to automate and simplify administrative processes, linked to the collection rules you have defined to avoid risks of defaults.

Why register with Halltels if you are a travel agency.

  • Because quickly and easily you can access the hotels and hire them directly, without intermediaries, with real availability and the most competitive rates.
  • You can customize the offers specifically for your clients, through Halltels technology, specially optimized for the characteristic demand of the agencies.
  • It is a Marketplace designed and developed with the hotelier and the travel agency, as main customers. All the processes integrated in the platform are those that the hotel should carry out directly with your agency, gaining in agility.

Who gets paid and when in Halltels.

The hotel bills the agency directly by setting up its own payment rules. .

You can do everything at the time of booking, or in parts (x% when booking, the same before arrival and the same before departure) or any possible combination.

The new platform has Fintech so your transactions are fully guaranteed.


If you are a hotel or hotel chain looking for a new distribution channel with direct communication with your points of sale.


If you are travel agency and want to get better hotel rates for your customers while increasing your profitability, do not wait any longer and sign up.